Tribe West Blog: Bolder Colorado

      The time I had in Bolder was amazing and even thought  it is the start of the trip I feel like it maybe the best part of the whole adventure! The city with its Green atmosphere, interesting locals, and perfect blend of nature and city life it might be this wind swept nomads ground to lay some roots someday.
       As I was walking down Peal Street waiting to go to JapanGo ( A very nice Sushi bar that on tuesday nights offers an all you can eat dinner)  I wadded through the interfusion of people walking around this popular area of the down town. With in three blocks I had passed by; Hobos and Business professionals, Tramps and Vacationers, University students and the Retired in this jumbalaya known as Pearl street. It was a perfect sampling of what I believe Colorado’s population to be!
      There was no shortage of great people watching but the most interesting person in the whole mix was this blond dreaded haired hippy. She was sitting on a blue blanket and had a hat with a sign in front of it that simply read thank you. She had a verity of piercings and maybe the bluest eyes I had ever seen.  She was playing the harp and the music was delightful. With ever string she plucked I felt myself fall in love, it was as if she was playing with the strings to my heart! I had to leave her side and as I did I placed a few dollars in the hat. She mouthed “thank you” as she looked me in the eyes.In that moment I would have sold my soul to spend more time with her. To the campers I was summoned.
      The FlatIrons was the first hike that we did as a group on Tribe West.  The hike was a pleasant stroll through some rolling hills outside of Bolder. The back drop for this easy hike were a stunning mountain range that appeared as though it had been thrusted out of the earth in a very violent fashion! The edges cut the sky the same way a serrated knife cuts a fine stake.
While in Bolder we took the kids into Denver for a Rockies MLB game. The game was great fun. It reminded me of being back in San Diego as a kid watching the Padres play.  It was the fourth of July and the Rockies had many little patriotic things to adorn the night with. I giant flag held by some service men and women. They also had fire works planed for after the game.
      My favorite part of the game was Drew. Drew had never been to a MLB game seeing how he is from England. He quickly found a vender and bought a Rockies snap back and instantly became their number 1 fan! He would clap and stand and shout as good as any american had ever done at a base ball game. The best part was that he was getting the crash course from our campers on the rules and strategies of the game. Im still smiling thinking about him in the stands.
      All in all Bolder maybe one of my favorite cities on this trip! I know there will be many more adventures awaiting me but any city described above and has an actual moose jaw store sounds like a place for me to set up shop!
Until next time, Slán Abhaile!
(Tony AKA “Bones” and I having adult time)

Tribe West: Prolog

This is the start of a blog that is intended to capture the unique opportunities and observations of my travels across the American west with a group of teenage campers. The trip starts in Bolder Colorado and will commence in San Francisco, with a duration of 30 days.  For one to fully understand the scope of this odyssey you will require a brief prologue on this particular camp and its residents.

The campers attend camp from the ages of 8 to 15. This particular camp caters to New York and New Jersey’s families of privilege. The campers generally spend every summer at camp in succession. Each year they move up the camp totem pole with the activities and trips becoming more lavish and exciting! At the top of this totem pole is the 14 and 15 year old known as Tribe West. As stated above it is a trip across the American west with the goal to show the campers the culture and sites that they haven’t experienced.

Now there is a need to introduce my friends, the staff that will be sharing and at times enduring this adventure.

Drew: He is a second year staff, English and is a great laugh! Drew is a tall individual who is great with the kids and always has a smile on his face! We joke that he is a big camper at times and throughout this blog I’m sure this will be a common reference! 😛

Rhairn: she is a very unique person. The idea that actions speak louder than words must have been derived from her facial expressions. You know exactly what thoughts are running though her mind by the position of her eyebrows, tilt of the head, configuration of her lips, and even position of  tongue. It is almost its own form of communication that works as her primary form when verbal goes astray. Her particular brand of  Australian accent is at times very difficult to understand.

Tony and Sarah: They are  our trips residential couple. They are from Melbourne Australia and their brand of accent is very understandable. They are both second year staff as well. Tony was OPT with myself last year and Sarah was a GL. Besides being a couple they are essentially the Ying and Yang to one another. Sarah is a very out going person who will laugh and give you exactly what is on her mind regardless of who is around. Tony is a man of few words, but when he speaks it is always insightful and important. These two people are possible some of the best people I have had the pleasure to meet. Our friendships waste cemented last year and now in the heat of the west I foresee it thriving in this environment.

Amy: She is the trips group leader. Which means that she has the final say on just about anything and everything that goes on on this trip. She has been here for 5 years and was OPT assistant director last year. Camp has an amazing way collecting amazing people and Amy is one of them. She is hard working, diligent, and organized, which makes her a good trip leader. Amy is also a friend of mine, she came to visit in the off season while I lived in San Diego.  It is also worth note that people say she is awkward. I’d be lying if I said this was not the case but her awkwardness is more of a penguin attempting to run on ice then a creepy dude at the party that says inappropriate things. I’ve grown an appreciation and even have a fondness for her awkwardness. I enjoy when people are them self’s regardless of possible perceptions of others.

Jared: I suppose for completeness sake I should introduced myself.  I am a second year staff that was formally OPT. OPT is outpost tripping and it is the department of camp that handles the off camp adventure trips for all the divisions of campers besides tribe west. OPT does alot of the high adrenalin activities such as; mountain biking, rock climbing, cliff jumping, high ropes course, zip lining as well as hiking and camping. It is a natural transition for some OPT to become tribe west because this tribe does many of the same activities.  Even as I write this blog I could be camping under the stars or waiting for campers to return from exploring various cities. Yet to describe me personally I will admit is a challenge. I may have to ask one of my friends to do this and insert it later.

My preamble to this trip is that it most certainly be an interesting adventure that I am sure will test my patients, make me smile, and provide me with new challenges to grow from!

Untill the new blog post this is Jared TW signing off 🙂

The Day is Upon Us!!!

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